Chances are you are doing some sort of advertising for your business, but how are you marketing? It can be difficult to know the difference between marketing and advertising. The best way to think of it is like a pie, and inside that pie you have several slices. Advertising is like just one slice of the pie, while marketing is the entire thing. Below are the ways we market your business. All these elements work independently, but also work together towards the bigger goal. Marketing is a process; it takes time to build your marketing infrastructure, as well as research and planning to be effective. At the same time, you have the flexibility to control your marketing efforts. Take advantage of our expertise, and take a huge load off your shoulders at the same time. You can do it all with Your Way Marketing.
Everything you need to grow your business.
We include direct mail, mobile, and digital channels to promote your brand and your marketing campaigns. These channels effectively engage customers with your company and promote brand loyalty. Don’t worry about the details; we plan, design, and execute everything for you. We will set up and manage your social media presence. This is another way to gain trust and promote your brand. Your fans and followers are edu-
cated about what you do, and why you’re the best. We address concerns and complaints, so you don’t have added stress. Social networking takes a lot of effort and strategy. Let our experts save you time.  In addition to your overall strategy, we can help you devise and execute special events and offers targeted to your customer. Our team collaborates in order to make your ideas work, as well as comes up with ideas for you. Campaigns can engage your customer, establish loyalty, and give them a reason to return. You will add solid value to your business. We create and maintain a professional website to help you establish your online presence, and let your customers know what’s happening with your company. With Your Way Marketing, it’s like getting a marketing team and design team all at once. We help you build a cohesive brand across all platforms to get you recognized in your market. That can include logos, slogans, business cards, brochures, and anything else you need. We print everything in-house and on demand. Direct Mail, Digital, and Mobile Marketing Integration Social Media Marketing Marketing Campaigns Website Design & Management Brand Development and Design


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